Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, YuletideFestivus, and/or the Pastafarian “Holiday,” a veritable gaggle of holy days fast approacheth. Around this time of year, it’s fun to slap yourself and reflect on the fact that yet another twelve months has gone flying by: four seasons, an earth-sun cycle, another way to measure ourselves against that inner secret metric…

Whatever your personal questions, as pumpkin spice morphs into cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice around these parts, we start pondering that classic existential conundrum “What the heck am I gonna get [insert name of loved one] that (a) they actually want and (b) they don’t already have?” To that end, we put together a few ideas you can check out below in our Li’l Somethin’ Xtra Gift Guide, if you like.

Meanwhile, we thought we’d share what we’ve been tossing around the office to keep our heads straight in the midst of the Merchandising Melée—to wit:

Reminders to Selves at This Time of Year

  1. What really matters isn’t stuff to be consumed but people, places, and experiences to love and be thankful for.
  2. Smiles and hugs and high-fives are gifts we should and can give freely, pretty much forever.

Adventures in Holiday Haulin’

Speaking of bikes and holidays that involve trees: maybe you’re raising up a lovely, aromatic evergreen in honor of the “Christ Mass,” maybe you’re resurrecting a pagan tradition to mark the Winter Solstice, or maybe you’re embracing the pageantry and overstuff-the-recycling-bin extravagance of Santa’s Big Day.

Whatever it may be, might we suggest you collect and deliver your particular tree with a cargo bike? We find it to be a singular adventure and a highlight of the holiday season, especially if you’ve got kids. Xtracycle’s own Ashley gives you the lowdown, with tips and tricks. (Don’t forget to take some work gloves. Sap is sticky.)

Here’s to you and yours celebrating love and life this holiday season, from everybody at Xtracycle.

P.S. Here’s Some Cool Stuff We Like, Plus Some of It’s on Sale

A Li’l Somethin’ Xtra Gift Guide: Seven Solid Options & Some Savings

  1. Gift Certificates: $25 and up – An easy way to choose without choosing, or vice versa (delivered instantly via e-mail).
  2. X3 LockPocket: $18 – “Leave it to Ross to come up with a fanny pack for your bike,” says cargo-cycling royalty Davey Oil, of Seattle’s G&O Family Cyclery. It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things.
  3. Supernova Light Set: $249 – Stay safe and visible, illuminate the path ahead, and pretty much look like a rolling Christmas tree on your Bosch-powered Xtracycle EdgeRunner with this super-cool headlight and taillight.
  4. X2 Cargo Bike Bags (Pair): $249 – Tough, waterproof, big, long, wide, strappy, ready for anything. Times two. Bags. Get some!
  5. Light Up the Night Bundle: $349 (Save $201) – Swap out your 26″ front wheel for a dynamo-hub wheel and dynamo-powered headlight and you’ll never have to worry about removing and charging your headlight again. Everybody in Europe is doing it. But no pressure.
  6. EdgeRunner 24D (model year 2017): $3,199 (Save $500) – Only a few of these left! Save half a grand on “new old stock” of our classic 11i and then laugh as you ride all the way to the farmers’ market and the park and school and the office and the café and maybe even the bank.
  7. EdgeRunner Swoop: $4,497 – Our gift to you: keep some holiday cash handy and throw a leg over the ultimate cargo bike, a transformative life-changer electrified to take you and everything else farther and faster forever.

More Groovy Gift ideas for Cyclists and Cargo Bikers

Just in case you’re looking for more gift ideas for that cargo biker in your life, here they are.

About Those Shipping Times…

It’s the most wonderful and busiest shipping time of the year! For most states, the last day to order something if you’d like to receive it before Christmas is Thursday, December 14th.


For most states, the last day to order something if you’d like to receive it before New Year’s Day is Wednesday, December 20th.


Thank you and we hope you have a good one!