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Hey Wendy,

Thank you for taking our Ride Guide! The eStoker is one of our long-tail bikes and has the same capacity for cargo as our eSwoop but it has a classic triangular frame making it more torsionally stable when carrying heavy loads. It is built on two 24in wheels making it a better choice for off-road riding, however it does have a higher step-over height so it will be more difficult to mount and dismount than the eSwoop for riders with shorter legs.

If all three are of your younger kids are too young to sit independently on the rear deck, you may want to have one in a Yepp Mini in front of you and the other two in Yepp Maxi seats on the rear deck. If you hope to also carry your older child you may need to pull a trailer for one or two of the children. Much will depend on the age and size of your kids. It is possible to carry one in a Yepp seat on the rear deck with two older children and one in a Yepp mini, as long as your two oldest are old enough to not need a Yepp seat.

Our 2021 Shimano bikes will arrive in September but they are now available for pre-order on our website. The deposit to reserve a bike is $500. Once you have pre-ordered your bike, we will be holding your place in the queue and bikes will be built in the order in which they came in. You may add accessories to your order now, if you like, but you will also have an opportunity to add them before we finalize your order once the bikes are in stock.

I would be happy to chat with you about our bike and accessory options to make sure you find the right combination to suit your needs.




This bike wants to work, on and off-road.






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Included Accessories

FreeLoader Too (2021)(Pair)


It’s designed to stow away cleanly when not in use but offers a pouch for small everyday stuff




U-Tubes (2021)


They support cargo, act as a footrest, and make it possible to tow a bike.





KickBack 3


The most solid, stable kickstand you’ll find for your EdgeRunner or Leap.







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Go over your Ride Report results and have any questions answered about your recommended bikes by scheduling a Ride Review with our resident bike expert, Marie-Claire. We’ll make sure that the bike you end up with is exactly what you were looking for.

Frame Style: Classic

Xtracycle offers two different frame shapes: a low step-over frame and a classic double triangle frame. Based on your Ride Guide response, it appears a classic double triangle frame is ideal for you. This style of frame, found on the Stoker, is a good fit for taller riders and has a more rigid frame built for hauling heavy loads and riding off-road.

Electric Assist

On our 2021 eBikes, we’re offering the top-of-the-line Shimano Shimano STEPS EP8 Drive system and battery. Here are the details on the Drive System, Battery, and Computer for your Xtracycle ebike.

Shimano EP8 Drive Unit

The Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike motor has a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and up-to 85 nM of torque for hilly terrain or heavier loads. up to 400% e-assist and 85Nm of torque, you’ll cruise up hills with your bike loaded or unloaded.

Shimano 630Wh Battery

With 630Wh, you’ll be able to ride further without having to stop and recharge. A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions, and fully charges in 4 hours.

Shimano E5003 Computer

The E5003 cycling computer gives you easy handlebar access to control your ebike system. With large display and easy to use button layout, you’ll take less time thinking about your electric assist and more time enjoying your adventure.

How will my bike be shipped?

Big Box of Happiness Program

The easiest, most hassle-free, hands-off bike-delivery in the world. Our bike mechanics on staff will professionally assemble your non-electric or electric bike, put it through an extensive 71 point safety check, pack it up fully assembled, and have it shipped directly to your door. And our staff will be there to keep you updated along the way. With the Big Box of Happiness Program, you will only have to pay for the professional assembly – we will ship your Big Box for free!

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