Your Ride Report

Hey Mary,

Thank you for taking our Ride Guide! The RFA Utility is a bike that combines a high capacity for cargo on the rear deck and yet a more compact frame than our eSwoop and eStoker. It will fit on most bus racks.

The RFA can be converted from Utility to Sport, or vice versa, down the road by simply changing the positioning of the rear wheel and installing the corresponding rear rack. If you need a shorter bike, the RFA Sport is the same length as a regular ebike; it will not have the same cargo capacity as when it is built in Utility mode but you can still carry quite a bit with panniers as well as on top of the deck.

For every day routes that are quite hilly or for carrying a heavy load, you will prefer the CX motor which will give you more torque in the highest level of assist.

I would be happy to chat with you about our bike and accessory options to make sure you find the right combination to suit your needs.


RFA Utility X1+

Got hills? No problem. The X1+ mid-size cargo bike comes with a high-torque Bosch CX motor to get you up any hill carrying groceries, one or two kids, whatever. Comes with two CargoBay bags, Hooptie handrail, foot rests, and a plush MagicCarpet seat cushion.



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Included Accessories

MagicCarpet – Black

This padded seat cushion quickly installs to the top V-racks to cover the entire FlightDeck and create a padded seat cushion for child or adult passengers.


Makes carrying your bike a cinch. The CarryHandle provides a grip in just the right place to lift your Xtracycle.

X3 LockPocket

The perfect bag to keep track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, bike tools, etc.

RFA Fenders

The perfect companion on a rainy day for your RFA. Our full coverage fenders offer splash protection even on the wettest rides. Keep you, your passengers, and your cargo bone dry with our RFA Fenders.

RFA Footsies

The RFA Footsies add a comfortable, solid footrest on the RFA Utility to support passengers feet or cargo being carried in bags.

Hooptie RFA

Help keep your kiddos safely enclosed on the rear deck of your RFA Utility and give them a comfortable rail to hold on to with the Hooptie RFA.

RFA CargoBay

Great for carrying groceries, beach towels, school bags, library books and plenty of other medium-sized items on your RFA Utility. 40 L capacity per bag. Sold individually.