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RFA Utility X2+

Ride in the hills all day. A high-torque Bosch CX motor and dual batteries give you maximum range and amazing power on this trusty mid-size cargo bike. Comes with two CargoBay bags, Hooptie handrail, foot rests, and a plush MagicCarpet seat cushion.
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Included Accessories

MagicCarpet – Black

This padded seat cushion quickly installs to the top V-racks to cover the entire FlightDeck and create a padded seat cushion for child or adult passengers.


Makes carrying your bike a cinch. The CarryHandle provides a grip in just the right place to lift your Xtracycle.

X3 LockPocket

The perfect bag to keep track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, bike tools, etc.

RFA Fenders

The perfect companion on a rainy day for your RFA. Our full coverage fenders offer splash protection even on the wettest rides. Keep you, your passengers, and your cargo bone dry with our RFA Fenders.

RFA Footsies

The RFA Footsies add a comfortable, solid footrest on the RFA Utility to support passengers feet or cargo being carried in bags.

Hooptie RFA

Help keep your kiddos safely enclosed on the rear deck of your RFA Utility and give them a comfortable rail to hold on to with the Hooptie RFA.

RFA CargoBay

Great for carrying groceries, beach towels, school bags, library books and plenty of other medium-sized items on your RFA Utility. 40 L capacity per bag. Sold individually.


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Go over your Ride Report results and have any questions answered about your recommended bikes by scheduling a Ride Review with our resident bike expert, Marie-Claire. We’ll make sure that the bike you end up with is exactly what you were looking for.

Frame Style: Low Step-Over

Xtracycle offers two different frame shapes: a low step-over frame and a classic double triangle frame. Based off of your Ride Guide response, it appears a low step-over frame is ideal for you. This style of frame, found on the Swoop and RFA, makes getting on and off a fully loaded bike easier. This can be helpful for shorter riders, families where one rider is shorter, or riders who intend to carry cargo or kiddos on board.

Which drive unit works for me?

According to your Ride Guide answers, we believe you would benefit from an electric assist. Having an electric assist bike can offer more flexibility in the way you ride your bike. You can ride further, faster, for longer, and up more hills. Based on your needs, we are recommending the CX motor.

Here are the relative benefits of the 3 different drivetrains we offer: Performance, CX, and Speed.


  • 20mph maximum assist level
  • Less torque for hauling heavy loads uphill
  • Entry level e-assist option


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BoschCX.png
  • More torque for powering up hills with heavy loads
  • 20mph maximum assist level
  • Ideal for most cargo bike riders


  • Less torque for hauling heavy loads uphill
  • More speed, allowing riders to keep up with the pace of city traffic
  • 28mph maximum assist

See detailed Bosch component comparison charts here.

How much battery power do I need?

Distance between charges and price both go up as Watt-hour numbers – 500wh vs. 1000wh – increase. Go for the 500wh for regular use or 1000wh batteries if you:

  • plan to take long trips more often
  • want to charge your bike less often
  • want to go bike touring

More battery info can be found here. And you can check out Bosch’s fancy multi-factor range calculator here.

Your battery: Dual Battery 1000

It looks like you can benefit from our most powerful battery combo the DualBattery 1000. This will give you roughly 50 – 100 miles of range. The Bosch DualBattery 1000 is achieved using two PowerPack 500 batteries and two battery cradles. With the included standard charger, it charges to 50% in 4 hours and 100% in 9 hours. Battery type: Lithium-ion. Please note that the battery range depends on a variety of conditions including hills, road conditions, weight on the bike, etc.

Read more on how to choose an e-bike battery here.

Need more cargo space?

Add the CarryXtra RFA Utility Bundle

PorterRack & PorterRack

RFA SlingSet

Includes a front frame-mounted PorterRack, a PorterPack bag that sits on the PorterRack, and an RFA SlingSet, for carrying bulky items on the rear cargo area.

Save $100 when you purchase this bundle with your bike.

How will my bike be shipped?

Big Box of Happiness Program

The easiest, most hassle-free, hands-off bike-delivery in the world. Our bike mechanics on staff will professionally assemble your non-electric or electric bike, put it through an extensive 71 point safety check, pack it up fully assembled, and have it shipped directly to your door. And our staff will be there to keep you updated along the way. With the Big Box of Happiness Program, you will only have to pay for the professional assembly – we will ship your Big Box for free!

You can read more about the Big Box of Happiness here.

Split up your purchase and pay over time.

Xtracycle has partnered with Klarna — one of the world’s most trusted online payment-solutions providers — to help you bring home the bike of your dreams now.

With Klarna, everything is straightforward and easy to understand, with a focus on great customer service.

How Does It Work?

Set up your bike and go through the normal checkout process, telling us where to ship it and all that. When you get to the payment method, choose Klarna and then follow the process to apply for financing. If approved, you can start riding now while making small monthly payments. Win-win!

Read more about financing here.

Still have questions?

Don’t see your questions answered here? Looking for more information? Set up a Ride Review with our resident bike expert, Marie-Claire, and get all the answers you need to make sure you find the right solution.