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Hey Tim,

RFA Sport X1

The perfect entry-level compact electric-assist cargo bike. Whiz past traffic without breaking a sweat. With room for one child, plus two panniers, it’s freedom from gridlock right out of the box.



$4,999.00 $4,284.00

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Included Accessories

SnackBars for RFA

Looking to carry older passengers on your RFA?  The SnackBar is the answer. Choose for installation on the front or rear of the deck.

MagicCarpet – Black

This padded seat cushion quickly installs to the top V-racks to cover the entire FlightDeck and create a padded seat cushion for child or adult passengers.

RFA FootPegs

The RFA FootPegs can be installed on the RFA in Sport or Utility mode for supporting passenger’s feet.


Makes carrying your bike a cinch. The CarryHandle provides a grip in just the right place to lift your Xtracycle.

X3 LockPocket

The perfect bag to keep track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, bike tools, etc.

RFA Fenders

The perfect companion on a rainy day for your RFA. Our full coverage fenders offer splash protection even on the wettest rides. Keep you, your passengers, and your cargo bone dry with our RFA Fenders.