Electric Assist

On our 2021 eBikes, we’re offering the top-of-the-line Shimano Shimano STEPS EP8 Drive system and battery. Here are the details on the Drive System, Battery, and Computer for your Xtracycle ebike.

Shimano EP8 Drive Unit

The Shimano STEPS EP8 e-bike motor has a top pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and up-to 85 nM of torque for hilly terrain or heavier loads. up to 400% e-assist and 85Nm of torque, you’ll cruise up hills with your bike loaded or unloaded.

Shimano 630Wh Battery

With 630Wh, you’ll be able to ride further without having to stop and recharge. A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions, and fully charges in 4 hours.

Shimano E5003 Computer

The E5003 cycling computer gives you easy handlebar access to control your ebike system. With large display and easy to use button layout, you’ll take less time thinking about your electric assist and more time enjoying your adventure.