Which drive unit works for me?

According to your Ride Guide answers, we believe you would benefit from an electric assist. Having an electric assist bike can offer more flexibility in the way you ride your bike. You can ride further, faster, for longer, and up more hills. Based on your needs, we are recommending the Performance motor.

Here are the relative benefits of the 3 different drivetrains we offer: Performance, CX, and Speed.


  • 20mph maximum assist level
  • Less torque for hauling heavy loads uphill
  • Entry level e-assist option


  • More torque for powering up hills with heavy loads
  • 20mph maximum assist level
  • Ideal for most cargo bike riders


  • Less torque for hauling heavy loads uphill
  • More speed, allowing riders to keep up with the pace of city traffic
  • 28mph maximum assist

See detailed Bosch component comparison charts here.