Loosing an important key is the worst! Especially when it’s your Bosch eBike key needed to remove your EdgeRunner’s battery packs. As long as you have your Abus key code and key profile handy, ordering a replacement key is just a few clicks away.

Keep our serial number and key code somewhere safe 

When you first get your bike, it’s crucial that you to jot down your Xtracycle EdgeRunner’s serial number and your Bosch eBike key code and keep this info somewhere safe. When you register your new bike, you will also want to be be sure to include this key code and key profile so we have it on file in case you ever lose your key. For newer Xtracycle bikes the key code is also being stored in the on-board computer but finding the key code in this way would require taking your bike into a Bosch certified dealer for them to log in to the computer and find the code. Basically, write the number down somewhere safe – you’ll be grateful you did if you ever need it!

Finding your key code and key profile

Not sure how to find your Abus key code and profile? These numbers are located on the laminated bar code on your key ring and it can also be found embossed into the metal part of your key, like below:

Ordering a replacement key

Abus replacement keys can be ordered through their website here: https://mobilesecurity.abus.com/eng/bike/keys/key/wafer

You will want to order a “Wafer” key. You will need the key code and key profile, as seen in the example above.

These keys are made in their Phoenix, Arizona location and ship via UPS Ground.

If you need additional help or have questions for Abus

You can reach them via email at customerservice@abus.com or phone at 312-640-1111.