One thing I love about long tail cargo bikes is how darn versatile they are! You can be riding your kiddos to school one minute and hauling lumber and plants home from the hardware store the next. Ashley here from the Support Team and I love a quick hack that makes my life-by-bike easier. One thing I find super handy is plopping a laundry basket in the Hooptie and using it for hauling cargo, like tons of library books or thrift store donations. A customer recently sent in this precious pic and aside from the adorable pup, I immediately noticed the perfect fit and height of that storage cargo box!

Pup on bike with Storage Bin

This customer was kind enough to share the details and let me know the higher sides made it for a safer ride for his furry passenger. Another thing I love about this box is it already has holes cut to weave a securing strap through.

This specific cargo box is a HDX 27 gallon Storage Tote and the dimensions are 28.25″ long X 19.25″ wide X 15.25″ high. This customer purchased his at Home Depot. Removing the inner padded black rail is required to get this box to fit but that’s super easy – just undo the hex bolts on the end of each rail.

So there ya go. In just a few seconds, your Hooptie can go from hand rail to dog hauler!

The Hooptie is a super versatile option for carry kids, cargo, your animal friends and more!  We love how our community takes the modularity of our accessories and runs with it.  How do you use your Hooptie?  Share your stories with us below in the comments!

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