DIY “3 Feet Please” Bike Sign Print Out

Apr 20, 2018

Ya got the lights, ya got the hi-viz vest, but sometimes motorists need a little extra reminder of what the law or common courtesy is. Make your own “3 Feet Please” sign with this easy print out!

3 Feet Please Sign Print Out


  1. Determine what sign best fits your states laws. You can do this with an easy chart here.
  2. Hit the “Print” button and before hitting save, pick the page you need to print.
  3. Print the sign on hi-viz paper: neon pink, yellow, neon orange, neon green.
  4. Cut the sign out, leaving about 1/4″ around the black border.
  5. Laminate the sign with either an at home heat laminater or at a local office supply store.
  6. Cut the laminated sign out, leaving a plastic edge around the paper sign and enough space to punch holes in just the plastic.
  7. Use a hole punch to punch holes in the plastic. Place these so that you can use zip ties to attach the sign somewhere on your bike. On an Xtracycle, the Hooptie brackets are a great place for this.
  8. Attach your sign and enjoy the ride!

To better help your chances of getting that 3 feet, check out this awesome Cycling Savvy video about taking the lane.

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