Looking for an easy way to guesstimate your battery range before you head out for your daily errands or adventures? Bosch has an awesome tool on their website called the eBike Range Assistant and this thing is amazing! We briefly mentioned this in our Bosch Q&A post but I wanted to take some time to go over how to get your most accurate estimate. Ashley here from the Support Team and based on my 2 years experience on my EdgeRunner 10e, this calculator seems pretty spot on based on my real-world experience.

You can find the eBike range assistant here: https://www.bosch-ebike.com/us/service/range-assistant/

Bosch ebike range

Here are some tips for getting the most accurate estimate for your Xtracycle eBike.

Rider tab: total weight

A cargo bike is understandably heavier than a non-cargo bike so including that weight in the total weight will give you the most accurate range estimate. An electric EdgeRunner set up with a KickBack, Bosch system and 1 battery roughly weighs 63 lbs. Add 6 lbs. if you have an additional battery. If you have your bike set up for kiddos with a Hooptie, MagicCarpet, and U-tubes, add an additional 15 lbs. If you have a PorterPack and PorterRack, add 6 lbs. Each Yepp seat and adapter weighs 10.5 lbs. So let’s say you have a single battery Bosch eSwoop set up for kids and 1 yepp seat. Your bike weight is 63 lbs. + 15 lbs. + 10.5 lbs.. Your bike weighs 88.5 lbs. Add your weight and your children’s weight to this to get your total weight.

eBike tab

Drive: Pick your Bosch drive unit. All 8/9/10e’s are the Performance line. The eSwoop or eClassic are the Performance CX or Speed.

Battery: All 8/9/10e’s have a 400 Wh battery and single battery only. The eSwoop or eClassic are either 400 wH or 500 wH and can have a dual battery set up.

Type of bicycle: Because cargo bike is not an option, I’d say City Bike is the best option here.

Tire tread: City bike tires are the closest to Schwalbe tires on our rides.

Environment tab

I always assume my terrain and wind conditions will be worse than I anticipated. I would rather underestimate my range and be wrong than overestimate my range and be wrong!

And keep in mind, as Bosch notes on the Assistant page,  “the calculated data comprises estimates and approximations that may vary from the actual result. The precise data will vary, depending on the type of use and external influences. Furthermore, no liability will be accepted for the correctness of the determined values.”

How far have you traveled by ebike?  Questions on the range you’ll get with your electric EdgeRunner? Tell us your stories below!