Big Box of Happiness box turned garden bed liner

Nov 14, 2018

When it comes to delivery, we love delighting our customers in every way possible. Recently we got to experience the other side of the coin when a new EdgeRunner rider shared some inspiration that delighted us! After unpacking her sweet new ride from the Big Box of Happiness, she took the large cardboard box cover and repurposed it into a garden bed liner at her kiddo’s school. Talk about making mama earth happy not to mention passing all those good happiness vibes back into the soil and into the future harvests these boxes will yield! Cardboard garden bed liners are excellent at suppressing weeds and killing the grass, eliminating the use of harmful pesticides. Cutting back on chemicals in the garden is a win-win for ourselves, our children and the animals and bugs that we share our wild spaces with.

bboh bed liner

bboh bed liner

bboh bed liner

Want to repurpose your BBOH into a garden bed liner? Just be sure to remove all tape and stickers before cutting the box up to fit into your bed. bboh bed liner

How did you pay the happiness forward by reusing your Big Box of Happiness?!



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