30 Days of Biking – Week 1 Recap

Apr 5, 2019

This week brought us the first week of #30DaysOfBiking! While I’m typically a pretty avid rider throughout any regular week, I’m not a necessarily a daily rider. Some days I walk or use our one family car to run errands around town. But this month I’m feeling super inspired by this pledge. I’m dedicated to getting out every day and riding, even if I don’t have a reason other than to just do it. And I’m so glad I did! Instead of rolling into the weekend feeling exhausted and like I’m running on empty, I’m feeling so good. Not that the week wasn’t busy. I’m just feeling like there were enough moments of peace and repose between those busy moments thanks to biking that I’m feeling energized as opposed to drained. Which feels SO GOOD!

Here are my highlights from this first week of #30DaysOfBiking from my remote office location in north Florida:

– Riding in the rain on the first day with my kiddo (something we don’t do often) and having a super great time filled with lots of smiles and laughs
– Enjoying all of the gorgeous spring blooms
– Riding to a remote park and seeing a fluffy baby fox!
– Finding endangered gopher tortoise burrows in the local national forest
– Riding to a few new-to-me parks and seeing some natural sights that just took my darn breath away
– Being able to pack out trash from local trails using panniers on my mountain bike and Xtracycle Leap

… just to name a few! All in all, I feel like this week has been one of the most fulfilling, relaxing, rewarding and soul reviving weeks I’ve had recently. All thanks to bucking up and just getting out there. And it’s not too late to sign up so head on over to the 30 Days of Biking site to take the pledge!

xtracycle 30 days of biking
Rainy day on day 1 – thanks, north Florida spring time 😉

xtracycle 30 days of biking

xtracycle 30 days of biking
Fueling up for a long ride!
xtracycle 30 days of biking
Bringing the kiddo her bike after art class.
xtracycle 30 days of biking
Blooming flowers everywhere!
xtracycle 30 days of biking
Endangered gopher tortoise burrow in the Apalachicola National Forest.
xtracycle 30 days of biking
Beautiful green-way trail along a tannic river slough.
xtracycle 30 days of biking
Pliking trash haul.