Introducing The Big Box of Happiness

Professional Assembly Meets Home Delivery

See that guy in the video? That’s Steven. His professionally assembled Xtracycle arrived in a Big Box of Happiness one busy afternoon. As you can see, he and Aurora easily got the protective wrapping removed – and were safely off to get ice cream in under 5 minutes.

(That Big Box has now become an enchanted play house 🙂 )

And we designed it that way.

Have you ever bought a bed or bookshelf from IKEA and hours into the assembly process thought to yourself in silent agony: “I just want to be done with this.”? Us too. 

What’s more, we’ve noticed a rash of newcomers in our industry getting pretty flippant about the value of a professionally assembled bicycle – all the while proclaiming that you can save money by doing the assembly yourself.

We value professional assembly so much that we partner with some of the best bicycle shops in the world to make sure you get an Xtracycle built just the way you want. To find out if you can get to one of our Xtracycle Dealers, visit our dealer locator. If there isn’t an Xtracycle Dealer near you, we created a solution to get an Xtracycle to your front door.

The Big Box of Happiness is our pioneering program for taking your custom configured cargo bike, professionally assembling it, and delivering it to your door in one big awesome package.

Other companies are satisfied sending you a box of bits and bolts that require substantial assembly. What they don’t mention is that you’ll need special tools and knowledge to successfully assemble a bike that is safe to ride with your family.

Custom Componentry

We work with small-batch frame production and custom engineered components to design the perfect bike for your lifestyle.

Professional Assembly

Our trained cargo bike mechanics assemble your chosen bike to perfection to ensure that it passes our rigorous 71 point safety checklist.

Home Delivery

An engineered protective enclosure system ensures pristine delivery conveniently to your door-step.

Our expert mechanics provide Professional Assembly with all the right tools to put together your cargo bike just right.

Our complete Xtracycle certified seventy-one point assembly safety check ensures your bike is truly ready to ride.

Our custom engineered packaging is applied to your bike to keep it safe and sound on its journey to you.

Once your bike is all sealed up properly in our Big Box of Happiness, we contact one of our premium freight partners to get it to you in time for your first adventure.


Your highly personalized bike of course. There’s also a whole lot of love that goes in to painstakingly assembling your bike to perfection and packing it for safe delivery. (Bonus: We’re especially excited for you to fully experience all of the magic that’s known to come out of a Big Box!)

Have a close look at all of the steps we take to optimize your experience for happiness:

At proper torque spec: Install the fork, handlebars, spacers and stem for safety-critical steering control.$35
Connect and calibrate your chosen Bosch components for a reliable, perfect-for-you electric assist experience.$75
Install and adjust the hydraulic front and rear brakes so the rotor is centered for maximum braking performance and zero brake rub.$35
Adjust the shifting system and tension all the cables for smooth, fast, reliable gear shifting.$25
Install the Handlebar Stabilizer to keep front end wheel flop under control.$10
Securely install the front wheel in the fork .$6
Attach the front light to the stem faceplate for full low light visibility.$5
Torque all RackLock bolts to 5Nm.$6
Tighten all the Tailpiece bolts to 6Nm to lock in the LT2 rack system.$7
Properly install the Wheelskirts to ensure they are fully tensioned and keep little fingers and toes clear of the rear wheel.$11
Tighten the Wedding Rings to increase rear rack stability$6
Bicycle Assembly Total:$221
Typical Accessory Installation:
Install KickBack for sturdy, safe passenger/cargo loading and unloading$20
Install X3 Bag System components of your choice.$25
Install Hooptie for a cozy, safe space around your passengers.$40
Install PorterRack, ensure proper cable and wire routing through our patented cable shuttle to eliminate the possibility of snags$18
Insert U-tubes into front and rear ports for foot and cargo support.$7
Install any Yepp Seats, mounting brackets or additional accessories.$31
Installation of front and rear lights$25
Complete Xtracycle certified seventy-one point assembly safety check.$150
Wrap the handlebars, saddle, brakes, and shifters in protective foam.$10
Secure the fully built bike to our specially designed wood pallet using xtra strong cargo cam straps and tie downs.$35
Triple check your order to make sure all items are included.$0
Our custom Big Box of Happiness is carefully lowered onto the pallet and secured to ensure your bike is well protected along your journey.$50
Seal it all up with a kiss and lovingly deliver your B.B.O.H. to its destination of choice with the help of our proven, premium freight partners.$450
Hours of fun for kids playing with the big boxPriceless

Out of the box and onto the road in about 10 minutes!
— Bob Passaro, OR

Hart Robinson

The whole family wanted to participate so each kid ran the drill to back the 8 screws out of the box. After that, we lifted the top, loosened the straps, and were off! What an amazing experience.
— Hart Robinson, TN

Steven's Big Box

This was so easy to unpack. It showed up off the truck and while wearing a baby carrier on the front of me, I was able to get my new Xtracycle ready to ride in under 5 minutes.
— Steven Quinn, OR

Your life of freedom and adventure awaits!