Ride Bikes.

Carry Stuff.

With the practical functionality of Xtracycle’s new bag system, your stuff won’t have to stay behind, no matter the journey you’re embarking on. Our versatile system of bags, pouches, and pockets is ready for it all. Constructed with the latest ballistic nylon fabrics, the new bag system is durable and strong. So long as you’re still the pack-mule of your crew, this system’s not quitting on you.

Come, don’t be shy, meet the dynamic trio that makes up our new bag system:

Everyday BikePack

The Everyday BikePack is designed for use on and off the bike, rain or shine. Padded sides to protect your gear, easy to carry on your back all day, and even easier to latch right onto your bike for the everyday errands or epic all-day outings.

FreeLoader Too

The FreeLoader Too is a fresh take on our original bag. It’s designed to stow away cleanly, but still offers an easily accessible pouch for small everyday stuff. It folds out to wrangle big stuff like boxes, duffel bags, grocery sacks, and gym bags.


The PorterPack was born out of a need to carry stuff like laptops and groceries, even while our kids’ feet were filling most of the cargo space. You can easily access pockets for your keys and smartphone. Roll it up to keep your stuff dry, or roll it down to convert to an open-top basket, so everyone can marvel at your fresh sourdough baguette.

Unsure which bags work for you?

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Work with our Certified Ride Guide and in a few simple steps, we’ll let you know which bike (and accessories) will work for you.