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X3 EdgeRunner WheelSkirts


Product Description

Made out of a super durable coated mesh material, the EdgeRunner WheelSkirts create a nice barrier between moving spokes & little feet. These are included with every model 2017 year EdgeRunner bike and are ideal for riders intending to install 2 Yepp seats. Don't let having no rear storage get you down. Add a PorterRack and PorterPack for cargo carrying capacity up front. Sold in pairs. 

The EdgeRunner WheelSkirts will not work on the Leap or FreeRadical because of the rear deck height difference between the models. Check out the Leap WheelSkirts for getting those kits set up. 

What they are great for: bikes with two Yepp seats installed; bikes carrying multiple passengers with no need for rear bags; bikes only needing SlingSets for bulky items and no need to carry loose items. 

What they are compatible with: CargoBay (with slight modifications), HiViz Lid when used with the CargoBay, SlingSet, LockPocket

What the are not compatible with: Hi-Viz Lid when used without the CargoBay

Want more details about the New X3 bag system? Check out the article about the system here or take a peek at the intro video from Xtracycle founder, Ross Evans. 


Xtracycle warrants each WheelSkirt against defects in workmanship and materials for one year.  Extend your WheelSkirt warranty to 2 years by registering your product within 14 days of purchase at: xtracycle.com/register. The warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear; improper installation; damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. For more details on the warranty process, please see our Terms and Conditions page: www.xtracycle.com/terms-conditions/