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Limited Edition Bosch Electric EdgeRunner 9E


Product Description

Out of Xtracycle’s formative years in the rugged foothills of the Sierra Nevada, came the desire to build a longtail bike that was equally comfortable off-road and on. Hauling hundreds of pounds of construction materials on narrow dirt trails to build an off-the-grid dwelling was hard work and a great adventure.

The Limited Edition EdgeRunner 9E in inspired by these early years. The knobby tires and long wheelbase allow you to carry virtually anything like firewood, cast iron pans, and fresh food for an impromptu camping trip with your family and friends.

The ultimate cargo bike, the white and blue EdgeRunner 9E features a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain mated with a Bosch Performance line motor that aids your pedaling up to speeds of 20 miles per hour. Deore hydraulic brakes, a heavy duty e-bike chain, a burly FSA DH Pro Headset, Ergon grips, and Maxxis Holy Roller knobby tires round out the package.

The Bosch electric bike drive system is the European market leader working with 50 leading European bike brands. With the Bosch's longtime reputation for quality and service, it's no wonder they own 25% of market share in Europe. In 2014, Bosch entered the US market and partnered with a few select US brands and Xtracycle is one of them. The Bosch-powered Xtracycle Edgerunner 9E will take you to new heights.

The maintenance-free Bosch electric direct drive motor puts out 60Nm of torque and gives you 50% - 275% more power when you need it. Simply turn it on, adjust the level of support, and ride. You’ll feel like you’re riding a bike, only with superhuman strength. The mid-drive motor is incredibly efficient and powerful, so you’ll use much less energy under the same conditions than with any other type of motor. And the Bosch lithium ion battery gives you a range of 20-60 miles. It charges on and off your Xtracycle in 3 ½ hours and to 50% in 1 ½ hours. The Bosch Intuvia console allows you to select the level of electric assist and shows your remaining range, speed, and distance traveled.

The 9E is designed to be safe, durable, and grow with you for a lifetime. The bike’s small 20” rear wheel makes loading children or cargo easy, and the low center of gravity helps make the bike stable, even riding with your kids. Longer than most other bikes, the ride feels steady, no matter what you’re carrying. And it handles like a bike. Simply hop on and ride. Every EdgeRunner is made out of chromoly steel, which is reliable, strong, and lightweight. It absorbs shock and can be repaired by your local bicycle frame builder if it’s ever damaged.

Excellent Xtracycle accessories come with the bike as well. The bike comes with reflective tone on tone silver all-weather CarryAll bags, which features a CargoBay—great for loose items, the ability to strap on virtually anything with the FreeLoader straps, and a removable lid perfect for an impromptu picnic on wet grass. The PorterRack, an exceptionally useful front tray that attaches into the bike’s frame for great stability even when loaded. In addition to the PorterRack it comes standard with the PorterPack, a bag for the PorterRack, that holds as much as two panniers. It’s great for holding your water bottles, a camera, or anything else you’d like to have handy. A heavy-duty double-legged kickstand, the KickBack, is included too.

A full range of Xtracycle LongTail 2 accessories will allow you to adapt the bike as your needs change. Have a child under the age of four? Yepp Easy Fit Maxi kids seats with Xtracycle LT2 Yepp Adapters are the solution. Have a child over the age of four? Add a family pack to your bike, which provides hand and footrests for your passengers. MagicCarpets pad the deck so that your passengers sit comfortably. Order two to cover your deck. Add custom Xtracycle fenders, that will keep you from getting sprayed when riding through puddles. Want to carry lots and lots of cargo? Consider getting a SideCar, which folds down, so that you can carry even more.

What’s in the name, 9E?

This bike has 9 speeds which gives you a full range of gears that allow you to climb steep hills, ride on flat terrain, and pedal while descending.

E refers to the electric motor, which gives you extra power pedaling up to 20 miles per hour. It will likely help you bike farther, faster, and with bigger loads.


Sizing: S/M Best for riders: 5’0”- 5’9”.
  M/L Best for riders: 5’7”- 6’2”.
Weight: 60 lbs (size L 9E) with stock accessories: CarryAll Bags and KickBack.
  68 lbs (size L 9E) including everything above and the Family Pack.
Overall Length: 85” (size L)
Max # of passengers: 3 children or 1 adult.
Load Capacity: 400 pounds including the rider. Add a SideCar to load on 250 pounds more.


Xtracycle ships bikes in the continental United States only. If you’re outside the United States, you may order a bike from one of our international distributors.


Xtracycle warrants each frame, fork, and original component part of the bicycle against defects in workmanship and materials. The bicycle frame and fork are covered for three years.

Extend your frame and fork warranty to the lifetime of the original owner by registering your bike within 30 days of purchase at: xtracycle.com/register.

The warranty does not cover:

Normal wear and tear; improper assembly; improper follow-up maintenance; installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with, the bicycle as sold; damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect; labor charges for part replacement or changeover.

The Bosch electric motor, battery, and console are warrantied for 2 years.


Xtracycle makes high-quality, well-designed cargo bikes that will grow with you for life. We care deeply about making the world a better place for all. To this end, our company strives to develop products that are beneficial to the health and well-being of people and the planet. 

Wall Street Journal - “The lower center of gravity translated into a slightly smoother ride, not only for me but for my wife and daughter, who rode on the back as I pedaled, quite comfortably, to a local park.”

Men’s Journal - “Even fully loaded, the EdgeRunner is surprisingly manageable, thanks to a minuscule 20-inch rear wheel that lowers the center of gravity and extends the wheelbase for extra stability without making the bike longer from end to end.”

Bicycle Times - “Of every cargo bike I’ve ridden (and I’ve ridden a lot), the EdgeRunner is the easiest to ride for both experienced and novice cyclists alike.”

Blog - Hum of the City - “EdgeRunner: Best longtail ever. No contest.”

Blog - Davey Oil - “I am a big fan. A big, big fan. A big, HUGE fan of Xtracycles.”

Blog - Truck Bike - “The verdict thus far:  Awesome. It's everything I hoped it would be, and well, even better!”


EdgeRunner 9e 2016 Parts List and Specifications PDF download.

Bosch EdgeRunner Owner's Manual

Product Videos

Limited Edition Bosch Electric EdgeRunner 9E 14:45

The Bosch Electric EdgeRunner cargo bike can carry it all--kids, groceries, or a musical instrument. Coupled with a reliable and powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, it's a great option for families who'd like to replace a car. The Limited Edition Bosch Electric EdgeRunner is special. Find out why...

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    The Bosch Electric EdgeRunner cargo bike can carry it all--kid...