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Click here if you're looking for the Leap, the stout successor to the FreeRadical bolt-on cargo bike kit.

In 1998, Xtracycle launched the FreeRadical bolt-on extension with a vision to change the world by making bicycles more practical, more enjoyable, and more fun than ever before. And now, 20 years later, after creating a whole new market for cargo bikes in the United States, we know that the FreeRadical succeeded in its mission.

It's informed the design of our very own complete cargo bike, the EdgeRunner, which is a blast to ride, and countless other companies' cargo bikes too.

Building upon the success of the FreeRadical, we’re delighted to announce what’s next: The Leap. It’s the FreeRadical. Reinvented.

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Xtracycle Leap

FreeRadical. Reinvented.
Yes, let me know about pricing and availability of the Leap, the FreeRadical's replacement.