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Fender Set - EdgeRunner Black


Product Description

EdgeRunner Fenders

All of our bikes since Fall of 2013 have had special fender bosses installed to enure compatibility with our unique fender set. Created specificaly for the EdgeRunner's wide tires and mix of wheel sizes this set will keep the spray off in style.

Fender Set Assembly Guide

The long mudflap helps deflect that water that the fender collects away from you and back to the road and the sturdy aluminum construction keeps the fender from vibrating of flopping around while staying lightweight. While only the front fender is pictured, this does in fact come with both the front and rear fenders. The rear fender is solely compatible with Fall 2013 and newer EdgeRunners, as it uses a sliding front stay to enable you to adjust the fender out of the way of the chain without having to get a wrench between the tire and the fender. See the video below for more details and tips on how to install the fenders.

Technical Specs

Materials Aluminum fenders, rubber and brass mudflaps, steel hardware.


Compatibility Fall 2013 and newer EdgeRunners
Not compatible with:

The Spring 2013 EdgeRunners are incompatible. They can be distinguished by the four braze-ons near the head tube, the new bikes have none. 


The EdgeRunner Fenders are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the original date of purchase.

Defective products will be repaired or replaced at Xtracycle's discretion. To determine if a warranty claim is valid you may be required to return the product to Xtracycle for inspection. Xtracycle is not responsible for removal, installation or shipping costs. This warranty applies only to the original buyer and is not transferable.

This warranty does not cover damage from use of this product outside of its intended range or that resulting from modification or neglect. It also does not cover wear and tear resulting from the normal use of the product.

Warranty Support

If think you have a warranty issue, please email us with as much information as you can. Particularly helpful information includes: Pictures of the issue, any background on how and where the product was being used when the issue occured, and proof of purchase.

Thank you for your help in resolving your warranty inquiry as efficiently as possible.

Product Videos

Xtracycle Tech Tips: Edgerunner Full Tutorial

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