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Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 24D cargo bike

EdgeRunner 24D: Performance and Value

The EdgeRunner 24D is a family or cargo hauler - keep it simple with just the X1 bags, or carry the kids with a Hooptie and U-tubes. Featuring Shimano Acera shifting, Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes, Schwalbe Big Ben tires, and full cro-moly frame.

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Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 27D cargo bike

EdgeRunner 27D: High Performance

The up-speced sibling of the 24D, the 27D has a Deore drivetrain and hydraulic disk brakes for efficiency in starting and stopping. It is built on the same frame as the 24D and both can handle the full compliment of Xtracycle accessories.

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Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 27DLux cargo bike

EdgeRunner 27D Lux: Sophisticated Performance and All Weather

The 27D LUX brings the power - in the form of a Joule 3 dynamo hub and the Luxos U headlight to light your way without needing batteries. Using the same components as the 27D, the LUX is a brilliant addition to year-round cycling. It also sports full fenders to help keep your feet dry when the weather turns rainy.

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Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 9e cargo bike with BOSCH mid-drive

Limited Edition Bosch ELectric EdgeRunner 9E:

Out of our formative years in the rugged foothills of the Sierra Nevada, came the desire to build a longtail bike that was equally comfortable off-road and on. Hauling hundreds of pounds of construction materials on narrow dirt trails to build an off-the-grid dwelling was hard work and my idea of a great adventure. The limited edition Bosch Electric EdgeRunner is inspired by these early adventures, where will it take you?

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Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 10e cargo bike with BOSCH mid-drive

Bosch ELectric EdgeRunner 10E: Urban Transport Problem Solver

Powered by Bosch, the EdgeRunner 10E is a true urban transport solution. The assist gives you super-human abilities - flattening hills, carring kids and cargo with ease, and extening your range. We knew it was a great bike when everyone came back from test riding it with a smile.

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