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E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Position Title: E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Accountable To: Director of Operations and Fulfillment


Results Statement:

You resourcefully orchestrate a diverse team of contributors to produce beautiful and consistent marketing content that generates significant, measurable results: from leads captured, to leads closed, to clients that are empowered, transformed and moved, and ultimately to cultivate full-blown brand ambassadors.


You believe deeply in and work diligently to help realize Xtracycle’s purpose: To empower people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit.




Manage the creation of helpful and inspiring digital content

Hire and manage freelancers to create written and visual content for Xtracycle to deliver quality content on-time and on-budget.


Ensure consistent communication

Consistently produce, source internally or via contractors:

  • Daily social media posts, weekly emails, weekly blog posts, videos as needed.

  • Product content: writing, photos, videos

  • Brand content: writing, photos, videos


Manage our ambassador programs:

  • Influencers: Grow our reach and impact through formal, mutually-beneficial relationships with key influencers

  • Brand Advocates: Oversee system to generate and grow the scale and effectiveness of our test ride network

  • Associate Content Producers: Manage discount program for user-generated content creators


Systems Documentation

Thoroughly document the systems you use so that others can continue to work in your absence.


  • Kick-ass writer using Xtracycle’s voice.

  • Hyper-organized and disciplined.

  • Do-er. Take pride in a personal high standard for getting stuff done.

  • Build lasting relationships.

  • Talented people manager who leads your team with clear accountability for specific outcomes.

  • Superb communication skills.

  • Talented at conveying feeling in communications.

  • Relate and empathize with our target demographic: children, women and parents.



  • For communication with internal and external audiences:

    • Google Drive for internal documentation.

    • Gmail for external communication.

    • Slack for quick internal communication.

    • Google Calendar for coordinating schedules with staff/contractors.

    • Zoom for meetings with staff/contractors.

    • Dropbox for document storage.

    • Basecamp 3 for project-based communication

  • Email and marketing automation software for inbound/content marketing.

  • Marketing analytics software to track impact and improve performance of campaigns.


You’ve been a part of an in-house or agency digital marketing team and have managed content creators to complete specific projects on an agreed upon timeline.


This is a part-time to full-time, exempt position. The FTE salary range is $40k-$60k/yr, depending on experience. Xtracycle pays 50% of employee health insurance in the first year of work and 100% of employee health insurance in second and subsequent years.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, go to: xcy.cl/apply

Please write "Marketing Manager" into the “Applying for” field.



  1. Your Resume

  2. Cover Letter

    1. Why are you inspired to commit your time and energy to Xtracycle?

    2. Please share examples that demonstrate how you align with Xtracycle’s core values and purpose.

  3. Link to content you’ve managed (please indicate your level of involvement on each project)

  4. Writing Sample that matches Xtracycle’s voice.


We are scheduling interviews on a rolling basis with qualified candidates to start before the end of 2017.


Work remotely or at our Oakland-based office walking distance from MacArthur BART. You’ll likely travel several times per year to Oakland (if you don’t work out of our office) for quarterly meetings, special events, photo and video shoots.

About Xtracycle:

Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that's spreading around the world. Our products are designed with the belief that virtually anything in your life can be accomplished with a bike and a sense of adventure. Realize your dreams. Sweeten your days. One pedal stroke at a time.


Twenty years ago, an idealistic Stanford engineering student, Ross Evans, landed in war-torn Nicaragua. In a tin and cinder-block shed, he welded together a revolutionary invention: a long-tail cargo bike that empowered farmers to pedal their produce to market.


Returning to California, Ross founded Xtracycle with a vision for transforming American transportation. Together with countless early riders, Xtracycle ignited a cargo bike movement that is spreading across the globe. Today, the pioneering Xtracycle EdgeRunner design leads the way in the LongTail category that was created right here.


Everyone at Xtracycle lives and breathes our core values.


You, too, are:







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