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Working at Xtracycle

We're looking for teammates who passionately believe in our purposeto empower people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit.

At Xtracycle you'll transform families, and empower people to reinvent what's possible by bike while working towards our ambitious vision. You'll work alongside optimistic, growth-oriented people to solve the daily challenges of those who are ready to get out of the box and live an ignited life. Our homey office, walking distance from Macarthur BART in Oakland, has multiple trampolines to get your creative juices flowing, a product development laboratory, and a comfortable, down-to-earth vibe. We enjoy hard work and balance our professional will with our personal humility. For exceptionally qualified candidates, remote work is a possibility.


We are currently seeking a Project Manager:



Position Title: Project Manager

Reports To: CEO


Result Statement:  

You’ll enjoy the adventure of working across disciplines including product, finance, sales and marketing. As a disciplined and organized support person to our small team, you’ll shepherd key products from conception to completion by hitting milestones following a process we call the FLOW.

Your efforts will help Xtracycle accomplish its 2020 mission: To irrefutably and sustainably take the long tail cargo bike market mainstream - from early adopter to early majority. By the end of 2020, Xtracycle will have 202+ partner dealers that place pre-season orders, 2020+ new riders annually, and 202+ people who choose to be brand ambassadors and actively promote the lifestyle and product to friends, family, and perfect strangers.



  • Product Team Support (80%)
  • Shepherd new products following the FLOW process: the tool we use to go from concept to market for new products.
  • You will be responsible for supporting the orchestration of team members, external contractors, and Asian suppliers to deliver according to the FLOW process/timeline. This includes “managing up” (ie CEO) and collaborating with other teams to stay on course.This is measured by hitting milestones and on-time, on-spec delivery of goods.
  • Interface with Asian Partners and Suppliers
  • Responsible for clearly communicating product concepts, detailed briefs, updates, and changes.
  • Available to work some evenings to communicate during Taiwan business hours.
  • May involve travel to Taiwan.
  • Internal Communication
  • Responsible for keeping Xtracycle team and contractors informed of changes to product that would need to be communicated to customers. (website, dealer emails, customer emails, distributor emails, assembly guides, etc).
  • Finance Team Support (10%)
  • Light bookkeeping.
  • Weekly Team Meeting Support.
  • Support budgeting.
  • Collect A/R.
  • Marketing/Event Support: (5%)
  • Represent Xtracycle at occasional events.
  • Help prepare for events.
  • Office Support: (5%)
  • Help keep office organized.
  • Occasional mailing/shipping.

Your Qualities and Attributes:

  • Enthusiastic and contagious passion for Xtracycle’s purpose and product line: You can think of nothing you’d love more than to empower people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit. You’re on fire to help realize our global vision. You transfer your positive energy and eagerness to everyone you talk to.
  • Organized: You are able to keep many projects organized at the same time and delight in your organizational skills seeing the linkages between products and processes.
  • Discipline: You make goals and achieve them. You always finish what you start.
  • Systems Thinker and Builder: You develop and iterate systems so that other teammates can plug in as needed.
  • Dependable: You do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Confident: You believe in the products you’re managing and can communicate how and why they’ll be successful, while listening and incorporating feedback to make products stronger.
  • Problem Solver: You are a positive thinker who can quickly pinpoint problems, come up with solutions, and get the action going.
  • Empathetic: Strong ability to build rapport and connect with others.
  • Clear communicator: You are an open and direct communicator who listens well and asks related questions. You’re comfortable presenting to an audience and welcome feedback.
  • Team player: You work with others in a friendly, cooperative manner, and inspire others to collaborate.
  • Ability to Stay Curious Under Pressure: You maintain a positive attitude and zeal even when the going is tough.


  • Basecamp 3: for managing product FLOW.
  • Zoom or Skype for communicating with Taiwanese suppliers.
  • Communication with internal and external audiences:
  • Google Drive for internal documentation.
  • Gmail for external communication.
  • Slack for internal communication.
  • Google Calendar for coordinating schedules with staff/contractors.
  • Zoom for meetings with staff/contractors
  • Dropbox for external document storage.


  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Good at managing contractors to deliver discrete goals on time and on budget
  • Enjoys research - quick and effective
  • Great communication skills - written, oral
  • Efficient internet researcher
  • Plus: Fast typist - 90+ WPM


Depending on experience. This is a part-time (20+ hours/week) to full-time, non-exempt position with the potential for growth.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, go to: xcy.cl/apply

Please write "Project Manager" into the Applying for field.


  1. Your Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

  • Why are you inspired to commit your time and energy to Xtracycle?
  • Examples of how your personal attributes are the perfect fit for what we’re looking for?

Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis with qualified candidates.


Work at our Oakland-based office walking distance from MacArthur BART. You’ll travel several times per year to Taiwan and/or other locations in Asia.

About Xtracycle:

Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that's spreading around the world. Our products are designed with the belief that virtually anything in your life can be accomplished with a bike and a sense of adventure. Realize your dreams. Sweeten your days. One pedal stroke at a time.

Twenty years ago, an idealistic Stanford engineering student, Ross Evans, landed in war-torn Nicaragua. In a tin and cinder-block shed, he welded together a revolutionary invention: a long-tail cargo bike that empowered farmers to pedal their produce to market.

Returning to California, Ross founded Xtracycle with a vision for transforming American transportation. Together with countless early riders, Xtracycle ignited a cargo bike movement that is spreading across the globe. Today, the pioneering Xtracycle EdgeRunner design leads the way in the LongTail category that was created right here.

We strive to live by and grow into the following values:


We are innovators and instigators igniting personal and global transformation.  


We embody a spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.  


We live to share the fire.


We love to learn and grow - always up for a challenge.


We skillfully engage the best of ourselves and our world.


We become the change we wish to see in the world.


We cultivate a hearty appetite for daily discipline - “we eat our kale”.



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