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Presenting the New Blue EdgeRunner 10E

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Big news from Xtracycle headquarters

And we couldn’t be more excited. We’d like to present to you: the EdgeRunner 10E in Zone Blue!

We just got one in at the office, and it looks friggin’ great. Red anodized components, black VP-538 Platform Pedals with sealed bearings and a chromoly axle, and Shimano SLX disc rotors finish off a CroMo frame in the prettiest blue you ever laid eyes on.

As usual, this baby has a 400 pound weight capacity. The Bosch mid-drive motor will haul your butt for up to 60 miles, and recharge completely in 3 ½ hours. Want a cargo bike, but worried you won’t be able to haul your 3 kids up that killer hill on 3rd Avenue? Here. You’re welcome.

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How to transport an Xtracycle by car, truck, bus, plane, ferry, and bike

CARS, VANS, TRUCKSThe EdgeRunner, with Hooptie, U-Tubes and front wheel removed will fit in the back of most vans with the third row folded down or removed. It will also fit sideways in most station wagons if the rear seat is down. If those two aren't options, a tandem length roof rack is the next [...]

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How much weight can I carry on my Xtracycle EdgeRunner cargo bike?

The weight capacity of the EdgeRunner is 400 pounds, rider plus cargo. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds you can carry 200 pounds of cargo for a combined weight of 400 pounds. We also specify weight limits for different parts of the bike - on top of the deck you can carry a maximum [...]

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