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Fall Daydream Fuel

Posted by Ashley - Customer Happiness Advocate on

Fall is officially in the air and us bike folk know what that means. Time to get out and ride to our heart’s content! Bike-camping in the local forest or park with family and friends; riding to the neighborhood pumpkin patch with a picnic dinner and hot cocoa, ready to enjoy an outdoor movie; singing along with wild abandon to "Thriller" blasting from the Bluetooth speaker on a ride to the grocery store; taking the kiddos on a joyride to the city playground to soak up that awesome weather. All those trips we dreamed up while cooped up inside, that AC cranked up to 11? Yeah, those. Now’s the time, baby, so I hope you dreamed big!

To fan the flame of your biking wanderlust, Xtracycle team member and adventurous dad extraordinaire Steve whipped up a little fall daydream fuel for ya. Smiles, giggles, laughs, priceless memories with little ones who grow up in the wink of an eye. It’s an amazing thing, that humble bicycle. With the click of a helmet buckle, push on the pedal, and ding of the brass bell, you can turn the ordinary into the Xtra-ordinary. I bet you dollars to donuts before this vid-clip is done playing in your browser, you’ll already be thinking up where you are going to ride this weekend.

Xtracycle 8e and 10e

Better yet? We here at the Xtracycle Ranch of Perpetual Joy By Bike are looking to make way in the stables for our 2018 model year eBikes with our first ever season close-out sale on previous year models. That means you fine folks can ride off into that pumpkin spiced sunset on a brand new Bosch EdgeRunner 8e and 10e with an ‘xtra $500 in your pocket. Pop on over to our Sales Page for all our current discounted models.

However you intend to answer the bewitching call of the autumnal winds, we here at Xtracycle hope your adventures are filled with unbridled joy, the downhills are many, and the hoots and hollers coming from backseat passengers are never ending.

Ride on,

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