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Big city, small apartment, and no car? It's cool, we solved it.

Posted by Andy Chirch on

Last year, before I worked at Xtracycle, I backed the KickStarter campaign for the Cargo Node -- a collaboration between Tern, who makes innovative folding bikes, and Xtracycle, inventor of the modern “longtail” cargo bike. I chose a black Cargo Node with the adult passenger kit and have been riding my bike now for a few months.

While there is no such thing as the perfect bike, I’ve become a huge fan of this one because it meets my particular needs better than any other bike out there. If your needs sound similar to mine, then take a closer look at the Cargo Node. It’s really the Chameleon of bikes - infinitely adaptable to a wide array of needs and environments. Keep an eye on our blog this month to get an idea of what this bike can do. 

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