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Our 2020 Vision

Xtracycle was founded in response to a calling: the calling to re-invent and fully realize the life-enhancing potential of bicycles in our modern world. We harness the power of curiosity-driven design to amplify the secret powers of this simple steed (and it’s riders). Through our commitment to service and value of deep human connection we are positively shifting the course of humans and transportation toward a new vision for a brilliant future.  


Xtracycle is powered by a dynamic posse of open, trustworthy, growth-oriented, effective, resourceful, passionate and optimistic people who have brought their life energy and genius to bear on Xtracycle's mission: we empower people with transformational tools that move the body and spirit. Our community of dealers, distributors and employees work together to grow our movement through synergistic alliances and partnerships.  


We value resourcefulness and are continually amazed by how much we are able to do when we fully engage our passion and creativity.  Our operations are supported by highly-effective systems that are thoughtful and organized, minimize waste, maximize productivity and enable us to deliver on our brand promise every day.  We have fun and model the lifestyle we are promoting. We mix it up, valuing spontaneity, humor and a diversity of perspectives. We are deep learners and emphasize personal and career development and mastery. We cultivate curiosity because feedback is the breakfast of champions.


Be Moved is our evocation to live an ignited life - an authentic pursuit of personal alignment with our values and actions. It is our freedom cry to liberate ourselves and our fellow humans to realize our fullest potential and deepest longing. We created a new bicycle category (longtail cargo bikes) and are leading a renaissance in our industry - yet we understand that our true product is the wonderful inner experience of life metamorphosis. In every interaction with the company, we aim to foster being moved - we support the whole person and the whole journey.

Through our user-centered product development process, we have pioneered a highly evolved system of for safely and enjoyably carrying kids, pets and the goods of life - by bike.  


As a team and company, we are committed to authentic service and notorious for radical acts of generosity. Our 501c3 partner, Worldbike, helps us fulfill our mission and serve many developing markets by making new designs accessible to people world-wide. We give a portion of our earnings to support great advocacy organizations and to help grow their impact.


We feel immense gratitude for the legions of devoted, generous, brilliant and bold riders, employees, suppliers, writers, filmmakers and shop owners who took up the call to get us to where we are today.  We love you, EdgeRunners.