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Back to School Bundle


Product Description

A $518 value, get this bundle for only $349! See below for information about each of the products included in this bundle. Simply select all the items in the bundle to get this discounted price. 



The PorterRack mounts directly to the frame of many EdgeRunners including all electric EdgeRunners: 8e, 9e, and 10e. Its open-ended design gives you the option to carry almost anything, and the PorterPack gives you additional storage options.


Base: 17-3/4" w x 11-3/4" d

Back: 8-1/2" h x 13-1/2" d

If your EdgeRunner has threaded bosses (see image below) on the headtube of the bike, you'll be able to mount this incredibly versatile and useful front rack. This rack mounts directly to the frame for steady handling no matter what you're carrying.

Threaded bosses on headtube

Take your cargo carrying to the new FRONTier with this versatile front cargo bag. The PorterPack adds roughly 29 liters (1764 cubic inches) of cargo carrying capacity when used along with the front mounted PorterRack (sold separately in black and silver). Perfect for those riders looking to add more carrying space up front when the bike is loaded with kiddos in back, or for riders wanting to add more haul to their ride.













The PorterPack is made from a durable, water resistant fabric and features padded sides that add structure and insulation to Pack contents. Ample exterior mesh pockets on the sides (2 on the right, 3 on the left) and back (2 cinch bottle pockets and 2 neoprene flap pockets) allow for easy access to cell phones, trail snacks and U-locks. Aluminum stays in the Pack lid prevent water from pooling on top in case you get caught in the rain, as well as add stablity to the lid when it rolls up when not in use. Water-resistant zippers add an extra layer of protection from the elements. 

The generously sized interior compartment offers room for cargo of all types. Bags, books, groceries, sunscreen, juice boxes, camping gear, small puppies, you name it. One rigid, pocketed Velcro divider can be moved inside the Pack to fit your needs. Have a bunch of vine ripe tomatoes or delicate box of berries from the farmer's market? Use this divider to create a protected compartment within the Pack to spare your precious cargo. Is your cargo load too big to zipper the Pack closed? We've got you covered. Literally. Each Pack comes with a removable zippered rip-stop nylon skirt that can add height to the Pack. Simply roll-up the Pack lid, zipper the skirt on, cinch it closed and you're ready to roll. The skirt can be removed and stored in the Pack when not in use.

The PorterPack easily mounts onto the PorterRack by means of a Velcro sleeve on the underside and attachment clips on the back. Heading into the store or done riding for the day and want to take your Pack with you? No problem! It can be removed as easily as installed and carried with a handle that is located on the back, or with a shoulder strap (not included) attached to the two D-rings on the Pack.

Not sure if your bike is compatible with the PorterRack and PorterPack? Click here for pictures of the PorterRack and Rack mounting points. If your EdgeRunner has these, your bike is compatible. Still not 100% sure? Drop us a line and we can help you determine if the PorterPack is right for your ride. 









MagicCarpet - LT2

Two passengers' worth of padding fits any of our FlightDecks, and most other cargo bikes as well. A perfect addition to the Hooptie. FlightDeck will accommodate up to two Magic Carpets when used in conjunction with the Hooptie. Will fit in front of Yepp Maxi child seat for carrying a bigger kid up front.

Dimensions: 24" long, 8" wide, 2.25" thick.  


For keeping track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, bike tools, etc. Buckles make popping it off quick and easy. The LockPocket includes a roomy interior pocket with sewn in key clip, a smaller exterior zippered mesh pocket, and a 5.5" long U-lock holster. The included One Wrap Velcro on the bag clips allows you to install the LockPocket on the handlebars, Hooptie, V-racks or (with a little DIY - instructions included) inside the CargoBay. Sold individually. Bag dimensions: 8.5" wide, 6" tall, 1.75" deep
What they are compatible with: CargoBayHi-Viz Lid when used with the CargoBay, SlingSetLeap WheelSkirtsEdgeRunner WheelSkirts. Can work on any Xtracycle brand bike as well as various other brand bikes. 
Want more details about the New X3 bag system? Check out the article about the system here or take a peek at the intro video from Xtracycle founder, Ross Evans.