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B & M Luxos U


Product Description

This dynamo headlight requires one of our EdgeRunner front dynamo wheels or another wheel with a dynamo hub.


The first LUMOTEC with IQ2 technology. Gigantic output. New features.

Light delight has never been greater.


IQ2 technology

With a new light and reflector design, Busch & Müller raises the bar for dynamo powered LED headlights: 70 Lux, light field twice as wide as previous LED headlights, lights an area that is several times larger, maximally homogenous. Dynamo-powered light enters a new dimension – so wide, so far, so pristinely bright.


Panorama Close Range Light

The light field is as excellent and wide as never before. Directly in front of the bicycle and also out wide, beyond the edge of the road.


Flood light

Full output of all light sources. Ideal for navigating tricky road sections in pitch  darkness. Activated by Remote push button. Push button during the day: signal pulse light. During darkness while standing still: Beam boost.


USB charging option

Charges USB devices (mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player) with USB energy. An integrated lithium cache battery supplies constant voltage.


Handlebar push button

Now you control your light directly. All important light functions can be switched on the handlebar: ON/OFF, floodlight, Beam boost headlight etc.


Integrated lithium cache battery

This additional energy storage unit is used for peaks of demand as well as charging. Recharges continually when cycling. The charging status is indicated by an LED inside the handlebar button.


LICHT24. Day Ride light

Signalling LEDs shining brightly forward. A sensor automatic switches
automatically between day and night mode.



Automatic. Special LEDs are directed so they are perceived by other traffic participants. Can be switched off with the handlebar push button.


Rear light monitoring

A control LED inside the headlight continually shows whether or not a connected rear light functions properly.

With Clip on Front reflector.

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