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Here, I present to you a new technology. Unlike your smartphone, this technology is reminiscent of a time when life was simpler. It enables access to a secret world of health, vitality and true connectivity. It’s a veritable life ignition.

The key to this ignition is not in your pocket; it doesn’t start a car. It starts with you. It starts with a paradoxically simple step. Let us help you make the shift. Get out of the box and onto an Xtracycle. Now is your time.

Be Moved.




Ross Evans,

Xtracycle CEO and Founder

(Hear more about this concept in a TedX talk I gave.)


Xtracycle ignited the cargo bike revolution that’s spreading around the world. Xtracycles are designed with the belief that virtually anything in your life can be accomplished with a bike and a sense of adventure. Realize your dreams. Sweeten your days. One pedal stroke at a time.

Twenty years ago, an idealistic Stanford engineering student, Ross Evans, landed in war-torn Nicaragua. In a tin and cinder-block shed, he welded together a revolutionary invention: a long-tail cargo bike that empowered farmers to pedal their produce to market.

Returning to California, Ross founded Xtracycle with a vision for transforming American transportation. Together with countless early riders, Xtracycle ignited a cargo bike movement that is spreading across the globe.

Today, the pioneering Xtracycle EdgeRunner design leads the way in the LongTail category that was created right here.


Origins and Anatomy

EdgeRunner is more than the quirky name of our original longtail cargo bike line. The name is inspired by a small but mighty force in nature. Luminary mycologist Paul Stamets uses the term edgerunner to refer to the profound role mycelium (a rather beneficial fungus) plays in our earth’s ecosystems as it goes to work at the edges of biological possibility in order to advance life.

Throughout history there have been courageous people who cared to contribute to lasting positive change. They bucked the status quo. They were willing to do the hard work of aligning their actions with their values in order to build something of enduring beauty. We call them edgerunners. Adopting a new, bicycle-based routine takes practice. And until you’ve lived with an EdgeRunner, you can only imagine the wonders that lie in store for you. (Smiling this much while doing your dailies isn’t normal!)


Passenger Perfect

Before Xtracycle, very few people in the US considered carrying more than one child on a bike, and it was basically illegal to carry an adult. Bikes wobbled with kids aboard, loading and unloading was an exercise fraught with risk of tipping over, and just when you got the hang of it, along comes (another) baby. The EdgeRunner changes everything. Do things you might never have considered possible on a bike: take your date to the movies, or whistle while riding with your child and their two best friends.



We have the greatest, most enthusiastic customers on the planet. Please see what they (and the press) have said about Xtracycle throughout the years on the Reviews page. Just like our EdgeRunners, they are creative, resourceful and ready to ride at a moment’s notice.

If you’re looking for answers to your questions about shipping, our warranty or customer support, please find them on our Support page.